We specialize in offering our customers a full range of mechanical engineering consulting services from simple support or analysis to full-scale system design.

Our personal experience includes research, design, engineering and producing the mechanical parts and assemblies for your new product, or we can make modifications and improvements to your existing mechanical design.  We work on an exclusive and confidential basis.

Using knowledge of most manufacturing processes and materials, Rauch & Spiegel infuses the visual concept with a realistic approach to function, assembly, material choice and manufacturing technique.

Rauch & Spiegel integrates form and function with ergonomic, economic, manufacturability and sustainability to create a robust design that will make the product stand above the competition.

Our ability to supply you with a unique and/or higher quality product will distinguish you from your competitors and build a more loyal customer base.  Our team of mechanical engineers, machinists and production coordinators will help you realize your goals and deliver you a mechanical design optimized for functionality and manufacturability.  Whether you need higher quality, a lower cost, or something truly unique, we are here to help!